We at Van Olphen Company see that organisations are in a permanent state of transformation in line with the further digitization of our world and the need for sustainable solutions. That implies that we all benefit from the casting of the right people to lead those processes. 

How to identify the right people, the ones that check all the job specification boxes? 

We believe in candidates that bring even more. We look for people that embrace change because they want to push boundaries, want to innovate, want to achieve the utmost in their life. People that are eager to explore and discover in order to learn, train, coach and ultimately lead themselves and their environment.…they are the winners of tomorrow.

To make a parallel with the world of sports is evident; top athletes combine ambition, innovation, discipline, training, coaching and leadership to be the best in their field. They also challenge themselves and their team to push their limits beyond their competitor’s.  

This is our world, our source of inspiration, the sport we practice. We find the right players, scout them before our clients have a position available, train and coach them to reach their full potential. We assess and analyse them and their team to create a successful and winning combination, for now and in the future.