Coaching & Consultancy

A top level think tank on leadership from the worlds of sport and business, available for those bright executives that want to become even better. Masterclasses, interventions, coaching, consulting to make better leaders.

Richard de Jongh and Toon Gerbrands bring our clients fuel for leadership.

Organizations are changing and customers are becoming more and more demanding. A single game-changing technology spawns other innovations that build up slowly at first, and then so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up. Digitization and disruption are now the norm. Driverless cars, bitcoins and 3D printers are already here, and by 2020, the Internet of Things (IoT) will link 30 billion devices. 

In a changing world, winning today and thinking long term is the responsibility of every leader. Fantastic growth opportunities are in the future, but without steady successes today and forward-thinking leadership, your organization will miss them. Traditionally, business strategies project five years ahead at the most, and CEO’s often focus only on the day-to-day. After all, you can’t plan for what you don’t know. But we no longer live in a traditional world: We live in an exponential world, and that demands a different kind of leadership.

We help leaders to be tuned in to tomorrow. To pick the next Uber, Kickstarter or Airbnb before it starts disrupting and to have strategies in place to handle the opportunities or potential fallout. To think exponentially is not easy, with technologies converging, overlapping and proliferating, it’s not easy predicting the future, but it’s essential. While sectors such as medicine, finance, manufacturing and media are transforming faster than others, there is no escape for any industry.

We are a top level think tank on leadership from the worlds of sport and business, available for those high-level executives that want to be better. Top performers understand how to optimize their psychological and physical strengths to cope well under pressure. 

We prioritize the quest for leadership. How to create vision and strategy, innovate, drive change, and sustain an innovative, high-performance culture. How to build greater skills, confidence and expertise as a leader. To obtain the right skills and the right physical and mental balance. 

We help you to systematically review your accomplishments and identify performance errors – to not allow yourself to be distracted by the victories or failures of others – to concentrate on what you can control and forget the rest and to understand the balance between psychological and physical performance factors in order to improve your focus and optimize business growth.

Outplacement – downsizing, mergers, acquisition, relocation or termination are tough on everyone. That’s why a thoughtful, professional approach is best to smooth the transition for separated employees. With the right approach, you can make the best decisions for your business, manage change, and keep morale high. Our Outplacement Services include career counseling, training, interview coaching and referrals to help employees make the best decisions for their professional futures.

We give masterclasses, we intervene and we coach without frontiers with one purpose: to make you a better leader. Be the change you want to see!