About the smile

I used to take the dogs for a walk in the woods every evening. They naturally find their way, even when it’s pitch dark. I thought: if dogs can run through forests in the dark, why can’t I? So, I started running and I tried to orient myself without the sense of vision. I used my 6th sense, my intuition. We tend to think that our perception is complete when using our 5 senses, sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing. But that isn’t true. On top of that, we have our mind. In mindfulness, our view of the world becomes more exciting, more interesting, more complete.

You don’t want to know how many animals look at you when you walk through the forest at night. You don’t see them. Unless you’ve taught yourself to ‘watch’ with your intuition. You need to be mindful to do so. Those who can “see” in the dark discover phenomena they didn’t realize existed.

Within our team of consultants, we’ve learned to see in the dark. We find top-level managers for our clients, even when the rest of the world says there aren’t any. If client and headhunter search on the hunting grounds together, using head and heart, exceptional things happen. It’s not that complicated when we speak the same language.

We like to work on highly ambitious leadership positions. A bright leader has to be in perfect balance, physically and mentally and be wise, humble, respectful and recognizable as such. A leader with a calm mind has the optimal perception of what is going on in the work environment.

A typical difference between the other agencies and us is that we are, besides the formalities, approachable and open. Candidates who come to our office for a high-level position always have a nice and positive conversation. It’s something else than being interrogated.

We try to be a kind of noble warrior with a positive vibe. It’s our sincere attitude, our base, it is who we are. The consultants on our team are people with a big smile. Believe it or not, people with a big smile get 100% higher scores. And they attract nice, interesting and broadly oriented top talents, bright leaders. What goes around, comes around. It is that simple.

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