About wisdom

Richard de Jongh

I’d like to talk about the ocean of wisdom that meditating has brought me. It requires that you dare to take the first step. And then, things happen. Society wants us to be busy, to run and to network all day long. Always on the run. Don’t think my schedule isn’t full, but I’ve learned to handle it differently. If you meditate half an hour every day, something really happens to you. You experience emptiness that is filled with everything. 

An awareness arises that absorbs things that seem heavy and stressful. If you fully absorb a conflict -he’s destroying the business, he’s undermining our agreements – it hurts and you get angry. If you put it in a bigger perspective – how is the man who’s betraying me experiencing this betrayal – the conflict softens. Also in this situation, you can remain goal-oriented.

Van Olphen promotes bright leadership, which aims at a better future. Leadership is about responsibility. In my opinion, this requires a high level of awareness and mindful acting. How does meditation contribute to this? It makes you feel grounded. It strengthens your foundation. You no longer have primal reactions. Still water reflects things as they are. The more troubled the water, the harder it is to perceive things as they are.

Meditation is a way, not the way. I wouldn’t know how to do without it though. During a lifetime, the mirror becomes more and more cloudy. Lack of clarity limits insight and leads to wrong decisions. One of the essences of meditation practice is to get a clear mirror, a clear mind, again. A clear mind brings understanding.

It’s all about wisdom. Stillness and a clear mind bring wisdom. Not slyness or skills. It’s a long road, I’m aware of that. But it can be done.

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