executive scouting & search

with executive scouting we help our clients to anticipate on future demands and to fill their talent pipeline.

with executive search we help our clients to find the best talent available for existing leadership positions.

Executive scouting

The modern economy requires institutions with outstanding leaders, the winners of tomorrow. Leaders that are highly skilled, connected, trustworthy, quick, innovative and purpose driven. Leaders that have a sustainable mindset. By finding them, supporting them and matching them with positions of responsibility, we want to add value and serve our clients. These leaders must make themselves, their institutions and the world, better and better, every day. With our support, our clients strike the balance between ensuring they are always competitive and creating a pipeline with future talent.

Together, we scout talent from outside and identify and develop talent from inside. Coaching and training alongside the executive levels of the company, developing leadership talent that can grow up, with the playing style, characteristics and values to succeed at the highest level. With our scouting expertise and global network, we connect the best talent, the right leaders and the true winners with challenging leadership positions throughout the globe. Our keen eye for leadership talent is essential.

Through our practice, we find the best leadership talent and we also support creating rounded people who understand what it means to perform on high level within a challenging environment, and live and breathe the values a company was founded on. Businesses have their own philosophy and culture, which will determine whether a leader will be a good fit. Unearthing great talent is always rewarding and naturally our scouts know that every hire needs to be the right person in the right role.

Executive search

For more than 30 years, we provide our clients and the best talent available with a perfect match for highly specialised and leadership positions in all markets around the globe. With our in-depth direct search expertise, our high quality in-house competencies in organisational and people development, our extensive network, our ability to cross-fertilise through our generalist approach and our ability to deliver our commitments, we truly offer value for money. Our search practice is global and cross-market.

We carefully develop limited client bases in each market on the basis of our in-depth understanding of markets, organisations and people. This has led to fruitful relationships with clients such as Heineken, Friesland Campina, AFC Ajax, Capgemini, Refresco, Travix, Stater, Geldmaat, Moba, Izico and many more. Every day, somewhere in europe, talented executives are excelling. Our goal is to identify them, learn all about them and support them on their career path. In parallel with this, we invest time and effort in learning all about our clients’ corporate culture and developing valuable, long-term partnerships with them.